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My Readings are direct and often times very heartfelt, as I am an empath. It also has become clear that most of my readings will include guided assistance from my spirit guides as well as yours.  I believe everyone, and especially children and animals, are open to this sixth sense of communication.  I have honed my skills from the age of 8 and developed as a Medium & Healer since 2012 at Face Appeal Wellness Center and Spa. 51059 Washington Street, New Baltimore, MI 48047 586-716-2206. You're welcome to contact Heather for a in-house or phone apt. they start at $50.00 

Enlightenment Sessions Avg. 60 -90 mins: $200-$250.00. (travel additional if necessary)

     Specialized sessions to remove blocked energy, balance chakra and heal. Some may be experiencing a fresh emotional or physical trauma that has made it challenging to work through your day to days. Let's use the power of your spirit to heal and work through your own personal journey. I would be honored to help.


Heather Dittman


Heather Dittman attended Michigan State University and graduated with a bachelor in communication and a minor in family child ecology. She started using her gift of being a psychic since she was 8, but professionally at age 40. "I waited until I knew it was for rea!".  Heather is a mother of 3, Nathan, Elizabeth, and Ben. Heather remembers the first time she realized she was psychic; she was visiting a graveyard. A man who died in Vietnam, communicated with Heather.  The soldier told her to tell his sister, that he was all right. On Heather's first day of 2nd grade, she realized that her teacher was the soldier's sister and had told her the message.