With a B.A. of Communications from Michigan State University and a minor in Family Child Ecology I have gained much University knowledge and from my own 45 years of Real Life Psychic Medium Experiences. From working on police cases to helping mothers find peace after they have lost a child from suicide, I have worked on many heart touching cases.  

My most recent breakthrough included proving the hypothesis that my psychic telepathic work truly does work with the non verbal community.

As a Wellness Spa Owner and Intuitive adviser, I am led to heal and help many with my intuitive work.  I work one on one with the Higher spirit of those requiring the additional assistance. It's my personal mission to share my gift of telepathy as a holistic healing method for those in need.

"lets give those a VOICE and let them shout it out"    Heather Dittman 

Questions MOM or care giver may ask...

    How do you feel?

        Are we doing everything to make you feel comfortable?

                       How do you feel your treatments are working?

Medical Intuitive Questions

How do they feel about being non-verbal?

Do you want to work on an IPAD

 (parent mentioned less seizures after sessions noted and charted)

Answers from Non Verbal Child you can expect to receive...

    Personal Messages from your loved one to you, only you would know

    What Their Favorite Toys are

     What makes them Happy

Much Much More


Language Recovery Session


1.5 hour includes time for onsite visit with child/adult and caregiver review

Office visits preferred 

see utube link 


Why trust me?  because it works!...Heather Dittman

​​Language Recovery Sessions 

"With an open mind and heart...

without expectations!

you will be blown away once your child tells you something through Heather


It's been extremely helpful, your in tune with your child and there is a way to bridge the communication gap with a
"Language Recovery Session"

"A MOM'S thoughts" 

NON VERBAL Children and Adults have a solution...its called Telepathy... the missing link..We all have the ability to tap into that place with enough practice..Schedule a Language Recovery Session with Heather. I would be honored to assist. Even if they don't want to get out of the car.. LOL

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Language Recovery Session